30 03 2009

Why "spackle"?  It’s primarily a nickname that I got from some good friends while working at OSIsoft, Inc. (  It came from being capable of a lot of things, and generally “being a good guy to have around” when it came to solving problems and planning.

I was (and still am) the guy who comes in and smoothes out the uneven parts in an architecture, user interface, or the understanding of technology.  My chief job as “spackle” is to ensure people see the extent of the gaps, and then how to make them behave as though they were a single entity.

So, as "spackle", this blog will cover a range of topics that may or may not directly pertain to my business, F5Direct (see it at  However, I run into and work with interesting people and projects daily.  So I will try to publish in some of that knowledge for everyone’s benefit.

Generally, posts here will be about technology, culture, and possibly interesting links or sites I encounter.  Expect discussions on social networking and its impact on operating companies.  Also, expect to see pointers to articles I’ve read, written, or edited.  Also, if I attend conferences, I may post about things I’ve learned or possibly the implications of announcements at conferences.

I read hundreds of blogs in detail every day.  Some of them are very common sites and some are pretty obscure.  So you’ll probably see a variety of things that may or may not seem related… the intersection point is me.

So, let’s get started!