What can getting “Scobleized” do for you?

29 04 2009

This is a deviation from my blog trajectory, but bear with me.

I believe in many things.  Among them, that social networking / Web 2.0 (or whatever we call it today) technologies can be used for the purposes of good rather than evil.  Especially in a manufacturing or process industries setting.  I’ll post about that sometime soon.

Obviously, I experiment in whatever media seem to be on the leading or bleeding edge and call it “work”.  I just need to get paid for it.  Right…

Anyhow, when Robert Scoble announced a late breaking development about a photowalk excursion in the Bay Area, I figured I’d try it out.  It would be a fun, in person (IRL!), experience because it combined the geeky things we all like.

While I’ve talked to Robert before (he wouldn’t remember), this time it would be in person and I would also get to meet the pre-eminent photographer, Zooomr CEO and Flickr heavy-hitter, Thomas Hawk (spoiler alert: though it may seem so, he doesn’t have a camera permanently attached to his head – but he does have a light meter implant).

In short, I had a great time, got to take lots of photos of wonderful machines, and talk for an extended period of time with the Scobleizer, Thomas and many others about all things photo and geeky.  It’s also good to know they’re both magnanimous, passionate and engaged.  Probably because they get to do what they love.

Another big plus was that the other photowalkers were great new people to meet and talk with.  I got to have a wide range of interesting conversations throughout the day.

So what?

The subsequent events are still unfolding.

What it has done is ever so slightly raise my visibility in some of the social networking sites.  It has also validated of some of the insights I had been piecing together over the years of my work in the tech industry and Web 2.0 field.

I would love to think that I would have been able to build a following on my own just based on the sheer quality of my photos, tweets, blog, and interaction on Friendfeed.


In lieu of that, what I now have is 30 new Twitter followers (and reciprocal followings), 10 new Friendfeed subscribers (both directions), and a sudden interest in my Flickr stream from the event.

Opportunity is transient

Obviously, with the prolific nature of both Robert and Thomas’ activity in the social networking world, the moment of benefit for me has long since passed (over 2 hours have passed since the event).

But, if I’ve somehow just barely increased my credibility in their eyes, perhaps my next blog post, Tweet, Flickr photo, or comment on Friendfeed will result in a pathway to riches and fame.

Or Internet famous.  Until then, at least we can all has cheezburger.



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