Innovation process and theatre

25 05 2011

Here’s a weird mashup of my life and work… some may know, and some not, that I do a lot of disparate things. They all relate in my head, but perhaps not to the outside observer.

They do contribute to the reason this speck of the internet is called “Spackle”. By combining the things I get paid to do and like to do, I get disruptive and refreshing ideas.

Innovation and development as a process to “attaining the remarkable result” is slow in the technology space compared to a confined time frame of a theatre production. And, after nearly 10 years of being off stage and taking pictures of people doing theatre (and basically being jelly of them), I decided I’d try acting again.

You can see pictures I take of productions over here at my photography web site.

The process of creating a remarkable theatre production is very similar to creating a remarkable product of any sort. Except your tools are humans, words, and your physical assets don’t need the same rigorous testing as a product you’d allow the general public to use. I mean, they’re actors, so who cares about safety, right? (Note: Actor’s Equity Association exists so that catastrophes like Spiderman don’t kill people… they need to do a better job on that production, but I digress…)

So in essence, with theatre, you get to bring to market an amazing prototype and sell it.

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