Tracking Protection, Ad Blocking in IE 10 with the Surface RT

9 11 2012

A friend of mine got his Surface RT and promptly went on vacation. And, because he didn’t want to take any work with him, he handed me the device and gave me a login so I could play with it while he was away.

I’ve used Windows 8, the Windows Phone 7.5, and a hacked together Windows Phone 7.8(ish) type phone for a while now, so I’m pretty used to how the Surface RT will work.

One thing I thought I would try out was “Tracking Protection” and a little bit of “Ad Blocking” via Internet Explorer 10’s In-Private settings. The settings are shared between the Windows 8 and Desktop browsers.

You really should get a Tracking Protection List in Internet Explorer no matter what. And it works in IE 10 in the Surface. Adblock is up to you… You can skip my thoughts on the Surface RT itself if you want… just click right here!

What the Surface RT is and Isn’t

Most of the reviews of the Surface RT concentrate on how it is NOT an iPad. Which is true. It is not made by Apple, and does not run anything from its app store.

It also runs Flash, full versions of Office 2013 (except Outlook), and offers a completely different way to consume, connect, and create content.

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